“Hamburg•Flughafen” – the Newspaper of Hamburg Airport

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Editorial Services from Concept to Print

Do you know where to find an “Elephant” on the airport apron, which rapper will take you on a walking tour through NYC or how diverse the animal world is at Hamburg Airport?*

Stories like these (and many more) were researched, written and presented by the editorial staff of “Hamburg•Flughafen”, a newspaper published by Hamburg Airport. While setting high journalistic standards for ourselves, we managed every stage of newspaper production - from editorial services to supervising freelance photographers, layout creation as well as the coordination of printing and distribution.

Communication with neighbours is essential at Hamburg Airport. An important part of this strategy was a quarterly newspaper with interesting features from the tarmac, exciting stories from distant countries as well as informative reports from the airport itself. “Hamburg•Flughafen” had a print run of up to 400,000 copies and was delivered to the doorsteps near and around the airport before it was discontinued in 2020.

* see issues 1/2015, 2/2017 and 2/2019 of the “Hamburg•Flughafen”

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