Media Work for the Insolvency Proceeding for P+S Shipbuilders

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Coordination of PR

As part of our work for Brinkmann & Partner, we coordinated the PR and media work for the insolvency proceeding for P+S Shipbuilders in Stralsund and Wolgast. An insolvency proceeding generally starts a strong signal to the public. The media immediately begins the search for reasons, the problems and their solutions. As there are a broad array of people affected by an insolvency, there is always a broad range of opinions. The opinions quickly take on a life of their own, particularly through digital media (e.g. Internet, Twitter, comments on online-newspapers, etc.). Potential investors also follow the proceeding, both in the traditional media as well as online – looking for what public image the insolvent company may have. For this reason, as well as many others, managing a process like this requires careful and skilled public relations work. Schellenberg & Kirchberg PR was chosen for the job by the court appointed insolvency administrator.

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